Jane Walker Limited Edition + Recipes

Jane Walker We were recently gifted this bottle of Jane Walker (thanks Sarah!). And we were so excited about that because we love Scotch and Whiskey!  It was such a pleasant surprise to receive this limited edition Jane walker from Johnny Walker Black Label , because the concept behind this branding and limited edition is right in line with our blog, empowered women coming together to create something great and enjoying themselves while they do it.  And it comes at the perfect time to recognize women and their continued efforts towards equality.  It’s not just about the marketing, we also appreciate it because a dollar for every bottle purchased goes towards the women’s progress!

Whenever we get a new liquor we try to find the perfect cocktail so we sat down and thought about what we would want to mix with Jane Walker.

We first tried some organic cranberry and apple juice mixes.

We also tried mixing it with La Croix apricot and organic apple juice.

And,  finally, we tried an Earl Grey tea with honey cocktail.

And of course, we thought we would write up these really great drink recipes to share but to be honest the best way to enjoy Jane Walker is neat or on the rocks.

Now, we all know that basic bitch who wants a mixed drink so if you wanna look at our drinks, go ahead and try something like we did, but it’s a really well flavored drink and the smokiness isn’t overwhelming, it’s very smooth therefore, we just feel like it should be drank neat or on the rocks.  If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Jane WalkerJane Walker Tea
Jane WalkerJane Walker Jane Walker

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