The Bodhi: A Tempe Oasis

If you never stopped for a moment to think about what you’re eating… we highly recommend it.

Even that ‘healthy’ dish at a restaurant can be loaded with calories from butter hidden in between all of the ‘health.’

That’s where The Bodhi comes in.

Fast, casual, but beautiful, The Bodhi in Tempe, located steps from ASU’s campus and across from Press Coffee (and PS next door to some Boba tea) offers super pretty food super fast that’s super healthy. All the kind of supers you want. (Also, PSA, Boba tea is actually really bad (but so delicious) for you so try not to have any immediately after The Bodhi. Maybe get one of The Bodhi’s matcha teas and do yoga instead. Your body will thank you!)

Nutritionist and managing partner Sasha Bayat came to The Bodhi with a passion that stems from personal experience, at a young age she had a stroke brought on by chiropractic work and really began to think seriously about her health. The Bodhi is like if GOOP opened a restaurant that was accessible to everyone and actually tasted good.

Not only can you drop in for a quick bite of breaky, lunch, or dinner, but you can leave with a week’s worth of meals getting delivered right to your door that focuses on brain health, heart health, muscle health, or weight loss.

We tried a bunch of dishes and we aren’t totally sure it’s still healthy if you eat four healthy things in a row, but we felt great when we left. Maybe it’s because Sasha gifted us with a hangover fix juice filled with Coconut Water, Orange, Apple, Lemon, and mint, that we used post- Jane Walker, but we totally just felt healthy, you know?

Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018

Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018

Their clean space invokes their clean eating mentality! Plus, it just looks pretty, which we are into. Also, that watermelon juice is open in the pic because we had a hard time resisting… then remembered we needed photos. Because like, that’s our job.

Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018

Their menu is an assortment of bowls, salads, and breakfast options. You can choose from their inventive menu board or create your own spin by mixing and matching proteins and grains with their hummus, dips, sauces, and nutrients (aka the healthy veggies).

Sasha chose for us, delivering an assortment of dips like the spicy almond dip that tastes good smothered on everything and packed with protein (and no added sugar. at all. in the whole restaurant) and a tangy beet hummus with a totally addictive texture and beautiful color.

Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018
Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018

The bowls are hearty, loaded with flavor and good-for-you foods that make you feel like you can take on any task. You’re left feeling satisfied but not bogged down. Which is like, their entire goal.

We were happy to have bites of the Asian bowl, a mix of Organic Quinoa, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Beet Mix, and Ginger Miso Dressing; The Mother Earth which mixed Organic Quinoa, Onion, Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Red Pepper, Spinach, Cucumber with Pesto; and The Fall Salad with organic quinoa, Brussel sprouts, spinach, bell pepper, and their creamy basil vinaigrette.

For someone with a sweet tooth, we also tried a sampling of their morning oatmeals and acai bowls. If you think you hate oatmeal, think again. The Bodhi might look innocent but their oatmeals are full of flavor. We loved the berry overnight oats, the chocolate coffee overnight oats topped with dark chocolate morsels, and the banana walnut overnight oats both alone and mixed in with a little of the tart acai. We love when breakfast feels more like dessert. (But then isn’t dessert, so you can still have dessert.)

Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018 Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018
Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018Bohdi Tempe Arizona 2018

The Bodhi is located at:
​521 S. College Ave #112
Tempe, AZ 85281

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: Closed

We ate for free and Sasha was so sweet and adorable, but that didn’t waver our review. The food really is delicious and we love eating healthy. Plus, for real we can’t stop thinking about their amazing oatmeal.

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