RA Sushi’s Raise the Roof Reopening party TONIGHT

This week, we were invited to check out RA Sushi in Ahwatukee‘s newly renovated restaurant and to find out more about their Raise the Roof Reopening party that is scheduled for tonight! 7:30pm.

7:30 PM
4921 E Ray Rd Suite B1, Phoenix, AZ 85044

RA Sushi in Ahwatukee is refreshing their internal look with new updates and some great happy hour and menu items.

We arrived to welcome bags stocked with goodies and secluded booth seating.  Our server, Symphony Rae, was wonderful, it was like sitting down with another old friend, so if you see her tell her the bitches say, ‘hi.’ and we sent you.

We started with a Seasonal Drink; Passion Punch which was a mix of Sailor Jerry + passion fruit syrup, lime,pomegranate and pineapple juice.  We’re on a passion fruit kick so you can find us ordering all the things tropical.

We were pleasantly surprised when ALL.THE.FOOD. came out.  First was the Garlic Edamame a classic favorite from RA.  Followed by the RA Chips and Salsa, which according to BFC contributor Cameron Ferris can’t be skipped, “The Chips and ‘salsa’ IS A MUST!’  This appetizer is a bowl of wonton chips over spicy tuna tartare mixed with cucumber, avocado, and fresh salsa.  It’s the perfect texture of crunch with cool avocado + spicy tuna. We also tried the Pinepaple Cheese Wontons, Spring Rolls,  RA’ckin’ Shrimp, Hot Mess, Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail, and Chicken Yakitori. While the RA Chips and Salsa was our favorite we also loved the Hot Mess and RA’ckin’ Shrimp.  What are your favorites from RA? Tag us in your posts on instagram if you can make it to the Raise the Roof Reopening Party!  The food and drink specials are going to be RA’ckin’!

RA Sushi March 20, 2018IMG-0544 RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Garlic Edamame.
RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: RA chips and salsa. DON’T SKIP THESE!
RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Pineapple Cheese Wantons; Pineapple and cream cheese get a scallion punch, in a sweet and creamy filled crispy wonton; served with pineapple dipping sauceRA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Spring Rolls; Lightly fried vegetable spring rolls served with spicy sesame mustard dipping sauce
RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: RA’ckin’ Shrimp; Panko-crusted crispy shrimp, served with ginger teriyaki dipping sauce.RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Hot Mess; Crispy rice topped with creamy snow crab + mix; baked and finished with jalapeños and cilantro; topped with our signature dynamite and sweet eel sauces/
RA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail; Thinly sliced yellowtail with garlic ponzu sauce and scallions; served with organic micro greensRA Sushi March 20, 2018Above: Chicken Yakitori; Three skewers of grilled chicken, in sake teriyaki sauce; served with sautéed onions and bell peppers.

Thanks again RA Sushi and Symphony we can’t wait to come back!

Until next time,
xoxo the bitches.


While our food and drinks were complements of RA Sushi, our opinions are our own and we would never lie to you about our experience.

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