Jennifer Lind Schutsky, President and Treasurer (because she’s good with a calculator), started BFC in June of 2012 to gather with like minded women while exploring new and local eateries in the Phoenix area. As a blogger and artist she decided to document the experiences and share them on her blog, originally, featured on her lifestyle blog at, Bitches Food Club is now a stand alone blog and instagram.  You can also find her at north phoenix mom’s blog, Phoenix New Times, Arizona Foodie and on instagram.


Emmy Award Winning Writer, Stephanie Sparer, is Secretary of BFC (that means she makes the reservations), Stephanie is our queen of social media and networking. She’s known around these parts for recreating restaurant recipes she craves in her own kitchen and texting back with rapid-fire speed. You can find her being hilarious on twitter at @stefispice or baking some delicious cakes.



Emily.  When this nurse isn’t elbows deep in someone else’s body fluids, she enjoys a good meal with her favorite bitches. As a self-proclaimed “travel foodie” her favorite way to travel through a city is restaurant by restaurant.  She enjoys foods from every culture, but could easily eat spaghetti and cannolis everyday.



Macey is our Beer Bitch. Her favorite things are dogs, beer (obviously), pizza, camping, and being from Texas. In 2016, Macey created #BitchesBrewClub and we’ve been exploring local breweries ever since.



Cameron is a crafty 30 year old, wife and mother of two, in search of happiness and food. She enjoys piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. To find out more about Cameron go to


Brittany Lind is an original     co-founding member. She generally leans towards a more vegetarian diet and is a sucker for a decent whiskey or gin based cocktail. She’s always looking for someone who wants to order something equally delicious to conduct a trade of sorts all in the interest of trying as much as possible from the menu. She’s currently on a short hiatus from the BFC until she returns back to America from her year long adventure working in Switzerland and learning German.


Gretchen is a 20 something AZ native. She grew up an extreme picky eater, but has greatly expanded her food palate in young adulthood. Her favorite restaurant is Hulas Modern Tiki. She lives in Central Phoenix with her husband and baby boy. She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

ariel and meghan werther


Meghan  is a second-generation Phoenix native and chief operating officer of a financial company.  Her man keeps her pretty busy, but she always finds time for eats and drinks!  Her favorite dishes usually include pork, duck, eel, noodles and/or  green peas and she never and she does mean ‘never’! turns down dessert.  When it comes to her bevvies, she loves bourbons, whiskey, malbecs and dark beers and thinks that the best cocktails usually include some smokiness and/or egg whites.