Farm & Craft and Laura’s Gourmet Granola Collaboration.

Last week we were invited to attend a collaboration dinner at Farm & Craft to enjoy the combined efforts of Laura’s Gourmet Granola and Farm & Craft!
Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet Granola Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet GranolaKombucha and Tequila cocktail to start, featuring; Arette Blanco Organic Tequila. cointreau liqueur, fresh lime juice, local honey and kombucha.
Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet Granola We sampled Acai bowls made with strawberries blueberries almond milk banana and acai blended topped with Laura’s gourmet COCONUT granola, fresh berries, bananas and chia seeds. yum. Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet Granola
The Protein Pancakes were a delicious surprise, we couldn’t take the protein in them a all just seasonal berries and Laura’s gourmet COCONUT granola served with agave maple syrup.
Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet Granola I mean I keep trying to make breakfast salads a thing but I guess technically this is more of a lunch or dinner item; the Strawberry and goat cheese salad.  Mixed greens, baby spinach, strawberries, walnuts, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, topped with Laura’s gourmet granola in place of crusty stale croutons.  Heck yes, we’re into that modification. And finally to finish out the night, Vegan vanilla coconut ice ‘cream’ by Doc’s Gelato; a natural coconut milk base made with madagascan vanilla beans, no artificial colors or sweeteners, topped with you guessed it Laura’s gourmet granola! Farm + Craft AND Laura's Gourmet GranolaAnd they serve GT’s Kombucha Organic Trilogy on tap!

For more info. check out Farm & Craft or Laura’s Gourmet Granola

All items were complementary for our tasting and photographing needs.

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