Pita Jungle serving new seasonal menu (oh and happy hour is a thing.)

Yesterday, a couple of bitches (myself included) were invited to check out the new seasonal items at Pita Jungle and their new Happy Hour menu.   We at BFC are proud supporters of dining experiences including seasonal offerings, among other things like patios, handcrafted cocktails and local dining.  We appreciate the addition of not only seasonal ingredients, but meals that pair well with the weather.  So, of course, we took Pita Jungle up on their offer – not like we needed much convincing (I mean have you seen their menu?) Anyway, we highly recommend checking it out ASAP because, did you hear? It’s Seasonal!
Pita Jungle 3-22-17We knew right away we wanted to check out the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, because (we’re a little embarrassed to admit) we haven’t had one yet!Pita Jungle 3-22-17We opted for the spring greens instead of rice because you know, carbs and balance and we like a little leafy green in our lives once in a while.  Anyway, the Poke Spicy Sauce and mango paired so perfectly together and in the warm weather that is constantly Phoenix, this was a refreshing treat.
Pita Jungle 3-22-17We also tried the seasonal Roasted Veggie Penne Salad because 1. it was vegetarian and I always opt for that when possible, but 2. it was chilled.  And the patio weather is perfect for a sunny day filled with cooled veggies and pasta – almost salad like.  Refreshingly seasoned with fresh herbs and just a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, it was robust and still justifiably healthy.  Also if you’re a carnivore, don’t worry you can add chicken, salmon or shrimp for a small up-charge.Pita Jungle 3-22-17And because it was on the seasonal menu, you know, because we’re thorough, we tried a bowl of the Mayan Quinoa Chili, again, and because it was one of the vegetarian items and sounded hearty and filling. Which it was.  It’s a great filling cup or bowl of soup, also we love anything with pita chips for texture.  If you’re looking for Vegan or Allergy information you can click on each respectively and find friendly menu items, we really appreciate Pita Jungle’s commitment to healthy eating and it reflects in their menu composition.
Pita Jungle 3-22-17And of course we couldn’t forget to try something from the new Happy Hour menu, so we decided to test out the Pretty in Pink Paloma.  It’s like a grapefruit margarita (sans salt rim).  All specialty cocktails are $2 off 3pm-6pm Daily and for Reverse Happy Hour 9pm-Close Daily.

Happy Hour also features Tapas like Baba Ganoosh ($1.5-yes less than $2!), Chicken Slider ($3), Chipotle Black Bean Slider ($3), Glazed Chicken Pizza on Greek Pita ($5), Hummus Trio ($1.5), Spinach & Pesto Pizza on Greek Pita ($5)

And Drink specials featuring;
Draught & Bottle Beer $1 off
Wines $2 off
Specialty Cocktails $2 off
House Margarita w/ Jose Cuervo Gold
(with Dobel + $2) $5.00

For more information you can find a location nearby here, twitter or facebook.

Until next time,

Cheers Bitches.



We did receive this meal as a gift from Pita Jungle, but we give our true opinions. We’re called the bitches for a reason. Honest to blog.

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