Joe’s Midnight Run

Have you guys heard the news? Joe’s Midnight Run is opening TOMORROW! Tuesday, April 12, and with a food and drink menu like this we promise it will be worth lining up early for! We had the privilege of a sneak peek Friday and we’re excited to share a few of our favorites from this Uptown soon-to-be-staple. KD9A1818 This patio will be our favorite summer time hang out, yes, we know Phoenix is hot but we love the heat!KD9A1813Our Beer Bitch and Dog Mom, Macey, awards bonus points for dog friendly patios!KD9A1817The inside isn’t half bad either, with a narrow walkway but plenty of seating and comfortable booths. We love the raw exposed brick on the inside, with an homage to graffiti stenciled buzz words on the north wall.KD9A1830Oh, and what’s this wall with a tap of everything? House wine on tap? check. Local craft beer on tap? check.  Maybe they can get us bitches some vodka on tap too.KD9A1864 You know our first stop is always at the Bar for the Cocktail menu, and while this was a sample menu, we sure do hope most of these drinks stick around for the real deal! We literally tried every cocktail on the menu, and liked almost all of them! So, keep scrolling to see our favorites…KD9A1829We started with the Peruvian Sunrise beginning with a strong orange scent thanks to a freshly grated orange peel garnish and features BarSol Pisco, Berry, Orange and Moscato.  A perfect refreshing summer drink, we can’t wait to drink it on the patio for brunch (if that’s going to be a thing?) and it’s strong berry flavors are well balanced by the orange and bubbles of the moscato.KD9A1828Macey and her South of the Border Sunshine made with Milagro Tequila, Pineapple, Lime and Sunbru Beer.  It was pretty similar to a margarita but more balanced; subtly sweet pineapple and tart lime were perfectly proportioned with just a hint of carbonation at the end. We also appreciated the salt-rimmed glass and fresh pineapple garnish. You know how they say to save the best for last? We might not have. Oops.KD9A1821.JPG Just one of the several sample menus, and while we didn’t try as much food as we did drinks, we’re excited to see what else Joe’s has on their official menu, but with sample items like frittes, flatbread and scallops, you know it’s going to be good!KD9A1839We started with the Flatbread which was topped with Seasonal Veggies, Olive oil, Garlic and Mozzarella Cheese, it was so good we almost didn’t miss any sauce, almost.  The texture of the dough was perfectly crisped and even.KD9A1847Scallops with kale, pancetta, parsley, red wine vinaigrette and potatoes, these are going to be someone’s Husband’s favorite.KD9A1834Crazy, Sexy, Coconut with Plantation Syr Rum, [Orange],  Vanilla and Coconut water.  While we did love this drink, the name and description were slightly misleading, in fact we almost didn’t order it, because we weren’t sure how the vanilla and coconut water were going to come together, but turns out there was a missing ingredient from the description and the orange citrus pulls it all together perfectly.  It was Rummy!  (that’s Rum + Yummy FYI).KD9A1844Joe’s Stiffy is a combination of Bulleit Rye, Orange, Corriander and Triple Smoke. Contrary to the smokey description it was a perfectly smooth cocktail with well balanced tiers of citrus, spice, and {just at the end} the faintest hint of smoke, which was perfect because some bitches hate smoked flavors.KD9A1848Next up was the French Kiss ’95 Aviation Gin, Absinthe, Lemon and French Brut, reminded us of a lemon drop but carbonated.  Served with a sugared rim, definitely something worth savoring,  the lemon flavor was powerful layered over gin and absinthe,  a delightfuly strong drink with bubbles, if you’re into that kind of thing. KD9A1849Oh you wanted dessert in a drink?  Joe’s made you The Chunk; peanut infused Tito’s Vodka, Creme de Cacao and Caramel.  Tastes like an alcoholic snickers bar.KD9A1865 Charcuterie and Cheese. Less cheese than charcuterie but not bad for a light snack.KD9A1850and now, back to drinks, we finished up with the Latin Perfection Four Roses Bourbon, Vermut, Contratto Rosso and Maraschino.  This one was actually relatively smokey and we could definitely taste the bourbon most, but hey strong smokey drinks need love too,. am I right?KD9A1851and last but not really least was El Chiquito Contratto Rosso, Fernet Branca, Lime and Soda, a clean masculine drink; think Jack and Coke, except instead of Jack you have fancy ass vermuth and amaro (an Italian herbal Liquor).KD9A1868 Roasted Veggies featuring Cauliflower, fennel, fingerling potatoes, asparagus with Romesco Sauce. You know we love color and these bright bold vegetables are full of robust flavor, will definitely be ordering this again if it sticks around for the official menu.KD9A1873And the last of the menu items we tried was the Ahi Tuna Plate with grilled pineapple, cucumber, chili, shallots and rich coconut cream sauce.  It’s pretty much a tropical vacation in your mouth.  The sweet fruit and sauce over a perfectly seared ahi brings me to the beach, ultra light and refreshing, a wonderful item to end on.

Joe’s opens Tuesday April 12 and we can’t wait to get back there, one of the many new restaurants to open in our hood, 7th street and the Uptown neighborhood are killing it these days with so many amazing choices.

See you at Joe’s,

the bitches.

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