Modern Round {Shoot Eat Sip}

It’s not often we get to travel to Peoria outside of spring training season, but Modern Round invited us to a media event we couldn’t say no to. A bar with virtual gun ranges? We’d heard whispers from our friends who live in the wild west valley.

“You can shoot stuff there while you drink.”

Be more specific, we begged. They couldn’t. They told us to see for ourselves.

kd9a6882kd9a6883More Bond movie than Duck Dynasty (full disclosure: we’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty but it seems like mostly camo and beards) the bar is massive, classy, and female friendly. Plush booths with giant screens line the walls, a crystal chandelier hangs at the main bar, and tables for those not shooting look comfy and a little like we a scene from Casino Royale (the original). The waitstaff is friendly and while our group had one gun expert and one Jewish novice, we didn’t have to feel gunshy about really anything at all. Lessons from trained experts were offered to get us started.
kd9a6885But first, let’s get down to the food. kd9a6886The first round was a coconut concoction not on the menu but created for our party called the Malibu Mermaid. The owner of Modern Round assures us they can make this for you. Just ask for it. It was part piña colada, part creamy beach vacation with Malibu, hints of pineapple, and a lot of spice from the chipotle rim.

Next came small bites. We made our way through platters of crunchy blue cheese and buffalo chicken egg rolls made with wonton wrappers so they were light but satisfying, tender housemade meatballs with crostinis, and a charcuterie board piled high with cheeses, fruits, and antipasti. kd9a6891kd9a6892kd9a6894kd9a6895The menu for Modern Round is bigger than you might expect as it’s a restaurant and bar and includes offerings such as mahi-mahi tacos, quinoa + arugula + goat cheese salad, and chimichurri rubbed fillet.

We tried the three little pigs (chorizo, pancetta, applewood smoked bacon) and BBQ chicken (roasted chicken, caramelized red onions) pizzas first. The pizza has gourmet toppings but not in an intimidating way. They’re flavorful and, frankly, easy to eat one handed while shooting a zombie with the other.kd9a6899kd9a6900kd9a6905Classic sidecar cocktail.kd9a6921Itty bitty Angus sliders, fried chicken, and made-in-house deep fried croissant bread pudding.

So let’s talk about this fried bread pudding. You’re like, wait, with chicken? And we’re like yes. Yes, of course with chicken! But then we couldn’t eat everything. Pizza, chicken, bread… we took a few bites but had to take most of it home to our boyfriends (and their friends).

“What’s bread pudding?” the boys asked when we made mention of our favorite menu item. What’s bread pudding?! We forget some boys live on McDonald’s and Red Bull.

“Like a stratta,” we say.

“What’s a stratta?”

We had no choice but to let them taste our leftover bread pudding.

We reheated in a skillet and handed over the sweet, sticky concoction. It smelled like churros and tasted like butter, sugar, and maple. It crunched up but stayed tender inside.

And just like that, it was gone. They ate it all.


After dinner, we got our gun instruction from Matt. We had a glass of wine in our hand, but we managed to get through the instructions like adults. Because we had wine. We really wanted to play!

Matt helped us look like our favorite Law and Order detectives by teaching us how to properly handle a gun (fake or otherwise), properly hold a gun, and how to shoot zombies with the fake gun.

They offer four different guns (lightweight, practice gun, regulation weight and size, and a rifle) and they’re all fairly easy to use and realistic, offering kickback from a CO2 cartridge. Before we knew it we had been shooting bad guys and ducks for an hour, but Modern Round offers loads of games and even police and military training videos so there’s something for everyone.

kd9a6910Then we shot for so long we got hungry again. Luckily, it was time for dessert: Modern Round’s ice cream sandwich (vanilla bean ice cream, rich chocolate brownie), bright red velvet cups with a thick cream cheese frosting that wasn’t too sweet, and bacon wrapped fried Oreos that also came with cream cheese frosting for dipping.

The food was playful yet flavorful thanks to Chef Todd and Chef Andre and overall, everything was seasoned evenly and cooked well. We love that in such a fun, Tron-meets-Bond atmosphere where every wall is a video game we can get a great bite to eat and learn how to defend ourselves if there’s a zombie apocalypse. We recommend this for groups of people, parties, or a different spin on date night.


Modern Round is located at 8320 W Mariners Way, Peoria, AZ 85382

open 10am-12am.


We did receive this meal as a gift from Modern Round, but we give our true opinions. We’re called the bitches for a reason. Honest to blog.

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