Fresh Shave in Phoenix

Just in case you missed the news, Phoenix has it’s very own Fresh Shave in downtown Phoenix.  Originally from Kauai, HI, Fresh Shave is the perfect Hawaiian Shaved Ice texture with fresh flavors.  We’ve always made it a point to hit them up when we’re on the south side of the island and now we don’t have to go far to get the best tropical fix in Phoenix.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of our favorites; The Whiskers is my daughter’s favorite, I think of it as a non alcoholic mojito.  It’s got sweet mint simple syrup and lime.  So crisp and refreshing.

The Dirt Squirrel is perfect for the afternoon/evening pick me up, featuring cold brew coffee, cream and sugar.  Not just any cold brew Kauai Coffee cold brew.

and finally my fav, The Professor, packed with fresh fruit acai syrup, Kauai honey, berries, bananas and coconut shreds.

Fresh Shave
Fresh Shave Fresh ShaveIDK what you’re waiting for sounds like the perfect tropical get away in an afternoon that you could ask for.

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