We’re Peachy Keen on ZuZu’s July Show Stopper


Monsoon season is here, but so is peach season, did you know?

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019Arizona might have the three Cs (that’s cotton, cattle, and citrus, you guys) but peaches are also a hot commodity this time of year. You probably already know that if your neighbor has a peach tree or if you’ve even been like, wow, I know what would really jazz up my Instagram, a photoshoot at Schnepf’s farm! (PS if you haven’t, you should.)

But, personally, we think the best way to celebrate peach season is by putting peaches in ice cream. And luckily, ZuZu at the Hotel Valley Ho agrees.

Of course, you can’t have dessert without first eating brunch.

ZuZu consistently serves up one of the best brunch situations in town. For one, we can’t praise them enough for their mimosa and Bloody Mary bars. Have your drinks your way, no worry about ratios or accouterment. You can tailor your drink to you. Fun!

Let’s say you’re going on a weekday though, and you just want a quick bite to eat.

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019

As always, we recommend the avocado toast. The menu at ZuZu just got a slight makeover and some old favorites are off the table (bye-bye duck confit) and some secret menu items are now proudly displayed. Remember how we love to ask for smoked salmon on top of our avocado toast? It’s kind of our thing, and now, it’s easy to do because it’s right on the menu. Yay!

People with a sweet tooth listen up: you can have some magic for breakfast when you order the churro waffle. A hefty portion of fresh waffle covered in chocolate and a dusting of cinnamon-sugar comes to your table acting very innocent like it isn’t a kajillion calories when we all know it actually is. Is it worth it? Aren’t all waffles?

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019

For those looking for a savory option, don’t forget about the Eggs Benedict. A favorite staple, ZuZu has perfected the art of poached eggs with bacon covered in a hollandaise sauce on english muffin. Add avocado and boy, are you in for a real treat.

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019

If you’re in the mood for something cheesy, ZuZu is serving up a Mushroom, spinach, and gruyere omelet topped with shallot confit, crispy garlic, and tons of cheese. We added avocado because what are we, crazy?

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019

We put our order in for the Show Stopper Shake while we were still eating our breakfast so we would barely have to take a break from eating our way through ZuZu. Why shouldn’t all meals have a dessert?

This decadent peach shake is summer-ready with a vanilla ice cream sitting atop a perfect peach puree and loaded with enough sweet sides to give your milkshake its own tea party. You might think, who can eat that much? And the answer is us. We can.

DON’T WORRY we tried everything for you!

Hotel Valley Ho ZuZu July 2019

Topped with a peach macaron, vanilla meringue kiss, peach liner cookie, and no big deal or anything, but a piece of peach layer cake, this was one of the highlights of our entire summer.

Chef Russell LaCasce’s goal with the July shake was to put a refreshing spin on a nostalgic summertime flavor and hello, it did just that.

So, real talk, these show stopper milkshakes are called show stopper milkshakes because everyone turns to look at you while you eat it. They are huge and even though we are trying to look svelte AF for a wedding, these milkshakes are SO good we can’t stop eating them. We recommend you bring fifty of your closest friends to share the shake, but really maybe more like two or three is ideal. Also, if you’re not into being the center of attention, don’t order the shake because people DO stare, they DO talk to you, and they REALLY want to know what you’re eating and if they can have one, too. It’s a little like being Dakota Fanning for like ten minutes because everyone wants to come to your table to tell you your milkshake is pretty. And you’re like omg I didn’t ask for all this attention. I just want to eat my milkshake and live!

 If you’re looking for a sweet getaway, we suggest heading into ZuZu at the Hotel Valley Ho and blissing out on this fruity summer confection. Now available through July 31st!


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