Dreamsicle Show Stopper Shake brings you to Hawaii without leaving Scottsdale. All month long.

Well. They did it again.

Are you even ready to hear about how Hotel Valley Ho’s Cafe Zuzu’s Show Stopper Shake is celebrating summer?

One word.


Dreamsicle Show Stopper Shake

It’s like a Creamsicle, but better because it’s a Creamsicle that comes with it’s own passion fruit, orange, and guava milkshake.

Can you believe? Dreamsicles really do come true.

But first, of course -of course, you guys, you know us- we started with brunch.

We are hot. No. We are boiling and sweaty messes. Our hair is just constantly matted to our foreheads because eating is hard work. It doesn’t look like it is but it is, please trust us. We decided to start with an Acai bowl. They’re beautiful and covered in fresh fruit, but wow, so treacherous because, like, what if you mess up how you say Acai to the waiter? There’s A LOT at stake. (By the way, it’s Ah-sigh-ee if you want to sound like you’ve been there before. And we did not mess it up because we’re fans, but also, kind of fancy, and you’d totally catch that vibe if you met us.)

The beautiful purple cold treat has become a breakfast staple we can get behind. Topped with in-season berries, mango, and caramelized cocoa nibs, you can’t go wrong with this. Healthy, beautiful, delicious. Like a wholesome dessert-start to a brunch leading up to a milkshake.

Dreamsicle Show Stopper Shake

But you guys, isn’t our whole life just leading up to a milkshake when you think about it?

Also, we know Acai bowls are v trendy which makes this decidedly on brand, but can we just chat for a minute how important it is to eat the rainbow? Acai is hard to say, but packed with antioxidants and a bunch of other stuff our doctors are constantly -and I mean constantly- nagging us about now that we’re… rhymes with schmirty. Anyway, it’s all about balance right?

From there, we went …okay, big surprise, but YES OKAY. We got the avocado toast with salmon again, but this time we added an a la carte over-medium side of egg because it’s not like we don’t know a thing or two. Then we followed it up with something new for the fam: the eggs Benedict. Because could YOU resist poached eggs like, well, ever? Much less poached eggs + bacon + hollandaise sauce on an English Muffin? Get out of here if you’d say no to that. You don’t say no to that. Ever.

Dreamsicle Show Stopper Shake

Dreamsicle Show Stopper Shake

And of course, it was good. Here’s the thing about Cafe Zuzu. It’s one of our absolute favorite places to be. The atmosphere is totally chill yet upscale, the servers are unbelievably kind and put up with us taking a kajillion photos of our food and really fun questions like, “Is this a colorful dish?” And oh, one other thing, the food is actually always good. Like you can be a comfy place to sit, but if the food doesn’t stand up to the service, will you ever go back? (The answer is no, probably not.) We don’t go to the Valley Ho just because they invite us, which they do, we keep going back because they’re legit and such a fun treat even if you’re just there to have a drink by the pool. Which, hmm, come to think of it… sounds great.

But today we’re skipping the pool and sipping on a milkshake.

Dreamsicle Show Stopper ShakeInspired by Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho (PS that’s Hoku’s dad. And if you don’t know who Hoku is… then wow you must be so much younger than us. Please go listen to Another Dumb Blonde on Spotify.), this milkshake’s big mood is Island Adventure. It comes with its own Creamsicle, pineapple upside down cake, coconut macaroon, candied coconut, orange jello, and cute little passion fruit tart. The good thing about mixing fruit with ice cream is that it seems like you’re doing something good for your body. We know, deep down, that this shake probably has more calories than we eat in a week but here’s the thing, life is so short and these Show Stopper Shakes from the Valley Ho are always soooo good. So, just eat the milkshake. Especially since it’s like, 109 degrees outside.

And hey, if you want to get the full experience, drink the shake on National Vanilla Milkshake Day on June 20.


Hotel Valley Ho

6850 East Main Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

This shake will be available June 1-30.

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