Zuzu May Show Stopper Shake + Brunch: A Delightful Way to Spend a 3-Day Weekend


If you’re looking for ways to use your Monday off this week, may we suggest brunch at Hotel Valley Ho’s Cafe ZuZu?

If you haven’t had a meal at ZuZu yet, let us tell you what you’re in for: a good time.

Zuzu May 2019Zuzu May 2019

ZuZu gets you in with their (wonderful, enormous, always delicious) Show Stopper Shakes, but all their food has the same farm to table fresh quality. That’s because they actually are farm to table, using local companies like McClendon’s Select-Local Harvest and Hickman eggs. It shows.

We love ordering the avocado toast. We simply cannot help ourselves. Today we also toasted our toast with mimosas. Because when in Rome! Or ZuZu. And who can say no to an entire mimosa bar complete with different juices and fruits?

On the healthier side, we ordered some oatmeal. We expected a tiny bowl but instead got a huge portion topped with berries. It definitely helped us feel balanced.

Zuzu May 2019

We know oatmeal is old fashioned, but that’s kind of the best part, right? Oatmeal hasn’t changed much in a million years for a reason. It’s a great staple. It came to the table warm with sugar and milk on the side. Just the way you wish your mom always made it. Fancy!

We decided to go light for entrées since the Show Stopper Shake was our main event.

We are a huge fan of ZuZu’s green goddess dressing. We tried (without luck) to recreate at home, but truth be told, there’s nothing like it. We ordered the BLT Chopped Salad ($13) for the green goddess dressing, but we stayed for the generous amount of candied bacon and avocado. To make it a meal, we added salmon, but this is a great salad all on its own.

Zuzu May 2019

Zuzu May 2019
Not to be outdone, the Brussels sprout and Kale Caesar salad ($11) is a great way to get your stomach ready for a gallon of ice cream. Who can say no to parmesan crisps and sourdough croutons? We love when our produce comes with cheese and bread. It makes us feel way less guilty about it. Also, we’d like to note their salads are NEVER overdressed, which is a rare treat. Soggy greens are never fun. We love that we still get our crisp, fresh texture with that Caesar flavor.

Salad can be brunch, too, by the way! All of these items are on the ZuZu Brunch menu which is available Sat and Sunday until 2:30pm. If you’re more keen on breakfast during the week, go Monday through Friday from 6am to 11:15am, otherwise, their lunch menu begins at 11:15am on weekdays.

Zuzu May 2019
Zuzu May 2019

Whatever you go for, don’t forget to check out their Show Stopper Shake of the month ($16). May’s Show Stopper is the Dulce de Leche -a little sugar, a little spice, and everything crazy delicious.

The sweet, but spiced, dulce de leche shake base meant you could sip this ice cream until the very end without that sugar-rush that follows. We indulged in a cinnamon sugar churro that we weren’t told explicitly to dip into the shake but we can confirm it was like a trip to Disneyland without the price tag. We love that the shake comes with its own dessert and we found ourselves overwhelmed (in a good way, like when you fall in love) with the flavor or the espresso chili truffle. The hint of heat hits you at the end after you’d already delighted in the sweet. We could eat about a million of these.

The shake also came with a tamarind sucker, De La Rosa Marzipan Candy (the peanut flavored treat not to be missed) and, a Choco Taco, those little pieces of heaven from your childhood. The one your mom always said you couldn’t get. Somehow it tasted better than when we were kids. But maybe that’s just because we were adults now and we could eat as much of it as we wanted.

And we did. We drank that milkshake. We drank it right up. Because 3 million calories worth of ice cream is the best kind of welcome to summer. Especially in Arizona.

Enjoy this Show Stopper soon! Bring the kids or your friends, you’ll need help finishing it all. Or get your own, they are delicious after all.

Hotel Valley Ho

6850 East Main Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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