Are You Lonesome Tonight? Have a Show Stopper Shake.

IMG_3784When Cafe ZuZu invited us to try their April Show Stopper Shake, we were thrilled. We look forward to this every month and this was no exception.

By this time, you probably know the drill, but we are more than happy to drop knowledge on people who have yet to hear about the absolute legend that is the Cafe ZuZu Show Stopper Shake.

Chef Audrey Enriquez, creates a whimsical milkshake that’s as delicious as it is beautiful. Which is to say very delicious, very beautiful. The kind of beautiful where the whole restaurant turns to watch you eat the shake. These are also gigantic, probably a million calories, and delightful.

This month ZuZU served up a chocolate, peanut butter, and banana shake for our post-brunch dessert. Because every brunch should have dessert.

We started with our usual. You guys. We’re so sorry, but their avocado toast (with or without added smoked salmon) is the best and we will die on this mountain. It has inspired us to put Marcona almonds on everything.

We love to make sure things are consistent within restaurants and we are so happy to say ZuZu’s salmon avocado toast is consistently the best. You’re welcome. We tested that for you.


To be fair, they do have some really fantastic starters at ZuZu. Their coconut chia seed pudding is not only right on trend, but just the name of it is something we crave so we will be back for you, coconut chia seed pudding. You’re next.

Can we also just have a quick moment to talk about how ZuZu makes a point to use local farmers and suppliers? We love seeing names like McClendon’s and Hickman’s being thanked on a menu. It’s nice to know even when we’re eating out, we’re eating close to home.

Next, we ordered the Breakfast Burrito. If you aren’t from around here, you should know the breakfast burrito is a tried and true Arizona breakfast. But not all are created equal. This ZuZu burrito was among our favorites; a hefty portion filled with eggs, chorizo, and green chile pork, and topped with more pork, pepper jack cheese, sour cream + pico de gallo. Sometimes, a burrito like this can come out a soft mess, but this had so much texture and just enough crisp. Plus, it was served with roasted yukon potatoes. Nobody can be sad about that.


We also decided to be pretty traditional and get a classic, two eggs any style. You can’t really go wrong with that American breakfast, and ZuZu served it with toast, seasonal fruit (though you can ask for grits or potatoes), and bacon (but you can get sausage). You think eggs are simple, right? You’re wrong. If you don’t cook eggs properly, you don’t get a runny yoke and moreover, if your egg comes to the table cold, it’s a major bummer. A good restaurant will serve a perfectly cooked egg warm. The way you ordered it. And ZuZu delivered. No cold eggs here, which is a common complaint at other brunch places. But why are you going to other brunch places? They don’t have the show stopper shake.


If you haven’t had one, and you have the means, we highly suggest it. In fact, we can’t recommend it enough. The chocolate, peanut butter, and banana shake is Elvis-inspired and we loved paying homage to the king with our taste buds. The ice cream base was a chocolate peanut butter that tasted like a peanut butter cup in ice cream form. We were not mad about it. The whole shake was topped with vanilla whipped cream and smoked candied bacon. It had us all shook up. Smoked. Candied. Bacon. Which probably means you can eat the whole thing for breakfast, but BESIDES that, you might be thinking, wait, no. But hold up, YES. The bacon (or “meat sprinkles” as we called them) cut through the richness of the chocolate to announce, “We’re here.” It was love at first bite. Then we decided this shake was our forever home. What evil maniac puts all the best things in one glass and then gives it to people to crave for forever? We love you, Chef Audrey Enriquez.


Oh. Did you think we were done?

The shake was then accompanied by a caramel bacon sticky bun, a chocolate banana ice cream cookie slider, and a brûléed banana.  It’s truly a dessert within a dessert. We always roll out of Cafe ZuZu with a smile on our faces. How could you not?! All right, a little less conversation a little more eating the Show Stopper Shake. Hurry up, people! This shake is only featured in April, so if you want to try it GO NOW.

Cafe ZuZu is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. The “Show Stopper” Shake is $16. We were hosted, but that did not change our opinion. These are hands down the best milkshakes you’ll ever have in your life. We said it. We meant it.

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