Sushi Roku’s Has New Vegan Options and same favorite sushi + drinks.

When we found out one of our favorite sushi joints (ahem Sushi Roku) was going to be offering a new Vegan menu we sort of lost our minds for a hot second.  And then we lot it again when they offered to host us for meal to try it for ourselves.  While we don’t really talk much about it because we love trying a variety of foods, some of our members are more plant based oriented.  We would NEVER decline the hard work of a chef who spent hours roasting pork belly in the rain on New Year’s Eve… and yes, btw, that’s real.  And while we always are happy to try any offering from a chef or restaurant, some of us like to order vegan or vegetarian options when possible, and definitely let the plant lovers out there know where they can find friendly options for their lifestyle.  So without further adu here is a look at Sushi Roku and our date night orderings…KD9A3048For drinks we started with the Smoked Yuzu {El Silencio Espadin Mezcal, Grapefruit, Yuzu and Agvae} and The Ish {Gray Goose Vodka, Shishito Pepper, Cynar, Passionfruit, L’Orgeat, Lemon Juice}.  The Ish was my favorite and probably their most popular, the shishito pepper has the most spicy aromatic profile, yet wasn’t spicy at all.KD9A3053The first part of the vegan pre-fixed menu was the kale and pear salad with oyster mushrooms and ginger plum vinaigrette.  This is literally one of the best salads I’ve ever had.  And that’s coming from someone who only recently started embracing mushrooms.  The dressing was sweet enough for the bitter kale.  Kale was slightly sautéed and the mushrooms were dehydrated and I’m still craving their crisp crunch.KD9A3061Don’t worry though, for those not vegan their selection for sushi continues.  Above Spanish Blue Fin Tuna Nigiri and Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Maki Rolls.KD9A3070The second round for the vegan meal was a three part plate with Sweet miso glaze eggplant, sweet dried cranberry cauliflower, and elote corn.KD9A3065KD9A3074After a few bites we’d finished our first round of drinks and moved onto sips number two.  Matcha Mule {Green Tea Infused Beluga Noble Vodka, Wild Flower, Honey, Lemon, Garnished with candied ginger slice} and another Ish because passionfruit forever.KD9A3080Final round of plates included Eel Avocado Roll (above.) and the last of the Vegan menu (below) we opted for the mock sushi rolls clockwise Avocado, Vegetable, Pickled Cauliflower, another veggie, pickled radish Nigiri, and center strawberry mock-maki.kd9a3082.jpgThe other options for the Vegan entree included a tofu shahimi if that’s more your style though.KD9A3087KD9A3092And lastly Dessert.  a Mini Vegan Avocado Chocolate Mousse tart.

Honestly, as someone who struggled for years as a teenager and in my early 20s looking for restaurants that offered even a vegetarian option, I’m so excited to see the shift happening in the Phoenix (and Scottsdale) food scene that’s bringing more plant based options to full service and fine dining experiences.

For more information check out Sushi Roku or make a reservation at (480) 970-2121

7277 E Camelback Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


  • Friday 7AM–2:30PM, 4–11:30PM
  • Saturday 7AM–11:30PM
  • Sunday 7AM–10:30PM
  • Monday 7AM–2:30PM, 4–10:30PM
  • Tuesday 7AM–2:30PM, 4–10:30PM
  • Wednesday 7AM–2:30PM, 4–10:30PM
  • Thursday 7AM–2:30PM, 4–10:30PM

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