Tempe Festival of the Arts and What we ate.

Did you guys see this weekend was the Tempe Festival of the Arts?!  I always remember going as a kid with my mom, back when tempe felt so far away.  Now, it’s grown so much and the food and beverage portion of the festival is rival to the arts.  When we first arrived we meandered through the crowds looking for just the right place to find a snack.  After walking down Mill Avenue we spotted a few patrons sporting lemonade cups and knew we were in for a treat of festival street food.  The selection of wall art, ceramic art, plant art, painted art would be overwhelming if we weren’t so fascinated with aesthetics.  But I guess since some of you probably aren’t here for that I should just get on with a few of our favorite food finds, scroll down through the pics to see what we ate and drank this weekend…KD9A3102but first how adorable are these ceramic aquatic styled air planters? KD9A3101mmmm.  lemonade.KD9A3099I could eat off those plates.KD9A3097directions.KD9A3110the ever so popular Lobster Lady.  KD9A3111while we get the concept we weren’t into sea food, so we continued on to the other end of the food jungle until we got to Island Noodles in front of Four Peaks.KD9A3139KD9A3141Vegan Noodles stir fried in giant woks, yes please,  topped with additional teriyaki. KD9A3138Then, a look at our wine tasting, Arizona Stronghold’s Lozen, one of their fancy wines, bold and decadent if you ask me.  Which, I guess you did, since you’re still following along.KD9A3128okay more food; pot stickers and hot steamed buns.KD9A3129what? more vegan options?! okay!  KD9A3134These were filled with delicious tofu. see below: KD9A3135tasted like clouds of oriental heaven. to be more specific; marinated af tofu in an airy fluffy dough bubble.KD9A3126Oyster Bay looked like a substantial option, I am curious what an oyster po’boy would have tasted like.KD9A3127KD9A3124on to the alcohol aisle. KD9A3113Caskwerks had an apple pie liquour aged in bourbon barrels, you bet your bottom dollar I tried that one.  I regret nothing. yet still have not idea what bottom dollar actually refers to.KD9A3119KD9A3117And final mention; the Gold Miner Agave Rum + coffee.  Because while you might not have known from our excellent professionalism, all these photos were taken before noon, and while we don’t make a habit of day drinking, (no judgement tho!) if we’re going to day drink, we’re gonna order a coffee cocktail to pretend like we’re waking up first. KD9A3121In closing, we just wanted to let you all know if you have the opportunity there’s lots of fun to be had at this bi-annual event in Tempe, if you missed this spring festival keep an eye out, November might seem forever away but you know it’s going to creep up on us, like Thanksgiving and Christmas (if you celebrate).

Did you go? What was your favorite food or beverage? Did you buy any art? we want to know more!

xoxo Jenn

FYI this was a paid sponsored post, don’t worry though all the info. and opinions were totally our own.  Because, you know, we wouldn’t promote something we didn’t support and we got bills y’all + blog domains aren’t free, neither is flickr since they raised their rates, but I guess that’s a separate post for another time.

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