Chef Singh Brings A Sophisticated Flavor to Blue Hound with a New Menu That Will Surprise + Delight (Our Favorite Combo)

If you’ve ever thought you can’t get a beautiful meal at the same place you can get the best craft cocktail in town, Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails next to the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix is here to prove you wrong.


Blue Hound’s new Executive Chef, Dushyant Singh, has recently unleashed a collection of sophisticated dinner selections -his first dinner menu for the restaurant since joining- and we were so excited we were invited to try his dishes.

Chef Singh has wowed us before. We were first introduced to his whimsical take on favorites when he worked at Artizen at The Camby. Now we can find his touch of finesse in dishes like the Chicken Liver Plate with red wine, pickled blueberries, marmalade, honey, and Noble Bread. Have you had a pickled blueberry before? Have you ever thought about it? Of course not. Chef Singh is a mastermind mixing flavors as steadily as Phil Clark, the award-winning bartender just feet away from the kitchen.


We were absolutely mesmerized by the idea. “They’re like natural Sour Patch Kids,” he says, laughing. We bite into the berries and he’s right. Together with the pâté it’s a delight, cutting through the richness of the liver. We’d eat this for forever, but it’s just the beginning.

Of course, you know the Bitches are gonna roll out of there like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka. Who would we even be if we didn’t overeat? Normal people not at Blue Hound, that’s who.

Chef Singh is unbelievably kind to us. And our waitress, unbelievably patient with two women who couldn’t stop saying, “Oh my god, this is so good.”


KD9A0728Next up was steak tartare, crispy Brussels topped with ciabatta crumbs, and Ricotta Gnudi, or a fancy way of saying delicious pillows of goodness surrounded by a brown butter emulsion, Parmesan, and pickled mushrooms. We would eat this just for dinner, but this is actually in the starter section.


We didn’t want to share this. But we had to make room for what chef prepared.

Waiters brought out Faroe Island Salmon with creamed leeks and roasted mushroom on top of a shishito puree (yes! Shishitos pureed! Our minds, blown. We’ve never ever thought to do that.) and a bone in ribeye cooked perfectly. It was so perfect we ate the sides that came with it separately. Mashed potatoes are a meal, don’t @ us. But they’re especially a meal when you’re combining it with Wild Mushrooms in a soy caramel with hazelnuts and chives and Broccoli Steaks with black garlic butter, Vella cheddar, and toasted breadcrumbs. Basically, we ate about six dinners in two hours. And we wouldn’t change a thing about our night at all.


KD9A0737I know we’re talking a lot about steak and side dishes here, but we don’t want you to think of Blue Hound as a steakhouse. It’s not. At all. It’s an elevated love affair with American food that has clear international influences from Chef Singh’s celebrated career. But people who like steakhouses will LOVE Blue Hound for being like a steakhouse that’s not only more innovative but certainly full of flavor and much more delicious.



KD9A0732Our waiter came back after boxing up our leftovers and watched us rock ourselves back and forth in our chairs, hugging our stomachs begging for forgiveness. She had the nerve to ask us if we wanted dessert. Yes. Of course, we wanted dessert.

Ask and you shall receive.

Chef brought out a sticky date cake with a lemon ice cream and a beautiful candy bar filled with chocolate ganache. It was beautiful and helped wash down all the steak.


KD9A0751Chef Singh’s goal is to create seasonal dishes with a spin. Like we didn’t just get steak tartare. We got with steak tartare with purple horseradish and sesame rice puffs so it was as beautiful as it was delightful to eat. Don’t come to Blue Hound assuming you know this dish with the familiar name. This is nothing like you’ve had before. It’s a total experience and, being in a hotel, a great way to showcase the talent of Phoenix.

We’re excited, but we’re just simple folk. We’d stick to eating buckets of his pâté if we had to.


Blue Hound

2 East Jefferson Street

Phoenix, Arizona

85004 United States

(602) 258-0231


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