Great Effing Shakes at ZuZu: Girl Scout Edition

By February, most people are off their diets, which is a great thing because this month the Show Stopper Shake at ZuZu is a freaking Samoa shake. YES like the Girl Scout cookie, but imagine if the Girl Scout cookie could actually get better, because it does.

Okay, but before we even talk about that, and we will don’t worry, let’s talk about lunch.

If you haven’t had lunch at ZuZu, then you’re just being silly because ZuZu sits inside the Hotel Valley Ho and it’s like stepping back to a moment in time where things were a little simpler. But like, if you could go back in time with your iPhone, which would just be the ultimate, probably.

Their lunch menu has a little something for everyone. We opted to start with their soup of the day because it was freezing this particular February afternoon. Their onion soup was creamy with the slightest hint of sherry and as delish as it was pretty. Plus, like all good soups, it came with a puff pastry blue cheese and bacon crouton, but let’s get something clear, that was a straight up mini tart and we were not sad about it. Not sad at all.

For lunch we opted for the Impossible burger and the tuna poke.

We can never find the Impossible burger! Now we know where to get it. This is perfect for vegetarians (or vegans) who want to bite into something a little more substantial than a bean burger that completely falls apart when you look at it. To be honest, we probably couldn’t tell the difference between the plant-based Impossible burger and a real one. Luckily, that wasn’t a task we were given. We just had to eat it and that part was easy because it was smothered in avocado, pepper jack cheese, butter lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and chile aioli. Yes, thank you, more, please.

The tuna poke was a great alternative to salad. Crunchy rice filled a bowl that was topped with tuna, pickled vegetables, fresh avocado, ginger, green onions, furikake, soy sesame sauce, and a creamy chili sauce. The fresh flavors melded together to create a totally addictive bite, but it was so big we were able to take half home.

We tried to eat light (haha) because we needed to leave room for the shakes to end all shakes.

Girl Scout cookies are delightful little snacks that only appear for seemingly three minutes a year. It makes sense to turn them into the best shake ever.

Chef Lisa Graf, that mastermind who ignores all calorie counts and common serving sizes put her own spin on a Samoa cookie and you guys, did you know that a Samoa cookie could get better because we didn’t until we ate the homemade version that came on the side of our giant shake.

Okay, all this PLUS a Samoa Lava Cake. Please bring six people with you to eat this thing. Actually, no, don’t. Because it’s so good you don’t want to share.

The chocolate shake base HAD CARAMEL AT THE BOTTOM? We didn’t mean to shout that, it’s just our minds were blown. And we still can’t get over it. CARAMEL AT THE BOTTOM.

CARAMEL. And it was already topped with a coconut whipped cream and coconut brittle with a side of dark chocolate coconut truffle.

You guys.

You. Guys.

Look, we get it. You had a great shake that one time at that one place your grandpa took you to. Blah blah blah, but you guys.

You guys.

A Samoa shake topped with more homemade Samoa goodies and then caramel. Like all this plus caramel. We can’t even.

Like, to hell with Thin Mints, you guys. Step off the elliptical because let’s be real, doing it one hour every two weeks isn’t doing anything anyway, just go to ZuZu. Go get your shake. You must have this shake. Stop reading this and go get your shake.

Go. Now. They’re only here for February and we should remind you, February is missing three days.

Hotel Valley Ho
6850 East Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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