Downtown Donut Fest 2018

kd9a5232A festival specifically for donuts?! yeah, we’re about that.  We were stoked to be in on a completely SOLD OUT event, and if you weren’t there, that’s okay we’re going to share our favorite places to get donuts around town year round.  We’re bummed you weren’t there too, but seriously it’s going to be fine. kd9a5235Our first suggestion from the Fest was Beignet Babe, slinging Beignets and maple donuts. pictured above. kd9a5228Next Muse + Market  with a full size and $1 mini apple donutkd9a5239

Sweetz Brew was there with their cold brew and it paired perfectly with our sugary sweets. kd9a5240The Local Donut might have been our favorite booth, hard to say because we missed so many with the crowd and lines. Not complaining, just warning you have to choose the ones you’re willing to wait for because this event was fully packed! kd9a5241kd9a5242kd9a5244This Creme Brulee was probably our favorite from the whole event. maybe.kd9a5248The Local Donut definitely had the best display with all the donuts out to see exactly what you could choose from and so photogenic. kd9a5230Top Golf $1 donut holes with raspberry drizzle. All vendors had a $1 option which made the event super affordable to try a bit of everything!  kd9a5237Line for Novel Phxkd9a5236Some of the other amazing vendors we missed because of lines and timing include;

For more information for future events follow along with Downtown Donut Festival + Arizona Foodie

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