Creepy Tiki; Hula’s All-New Halloween Cocktails

Featuring the Pina Ghoul’ada, a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned and more at Hula’s Modern Tiki in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Image Credit: Hula’s Modern Tiki.

Our favorite season, Witching and Spooking Season!
Hula’s Modern Tiki is scaring up an all-new menu of Halloween-themed Tiki cocktails. Served all October long, enjoy a spooky spin on the classic Pina Colada (aka the Pina Ghoul’ada, pictured above) spiked with ‘blood-red’ strawberry syrup/purée and garnished with a skeleton arm swizzle stick. Sip on a Old Fashioned spiced with house-made Pumpkin Pie simple syrup, or gather the whole gang and order the Witch’s Brew (pictured below), a seasonal twist on Hula’s signature Scorpion Bowl that’s been transformed into a boiling, inky-black cauldron thanks to activated charcoal and a garnish of of creepy-crawly critters (served 2 – 4).
Hula’s Modern Tiki’s 2018 Halloween Cocktails
Forbidden Apple $8
E&J apple brandy
House-made pomegranate simple syrup
Pineapple juice
Gold glitter
Pina Ghoul’ada $8
White rum
Spiced rum
Coco Lopez
Pineapple juice
Topped with “blood” (aka strawberry syrup/purée)
Pumpkin Old Fashioned $11
Redemption rye
House-made pumpkin spice simple syrup
Figgy pudding bitters
Angostura bitters
Witch’s Brew $15 (serves 2 – 4)
Hula’s signature Scorpion Bowl with activated charcoal, garnished with plastic spiders/Halloween items
When:  Hula’s Modern Tiki’s 2018 Halloween cocktail menu is available now through October 31, 2018.

Where:  Hula’s Modern Tiki                                             Hula’s Modern Tiki
              Phoenix — New Location                                    Scottsdale
              5114 N. 7th St.,                                                      7213 E. 1st Ave.
              Phoenix, AZ 85014                                                 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
              602-265-8454                                                          480-970-HULA (4852)

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