Ladies Pool Day at Mountain Shadows Resort

If you’re from Phoenix, you’re probably sick of hearing just how hot it is.  Like we get it.  Every year, it’s over 100° for 6 months of the year.  Every. Year.  So, I won’t elaborate on the heat, but what I will say is that we’re always looking for more ways to cool down!  This summer we thought a day at one of the newest resorts in Phoenix (Paradise Valley if you’re into accuracy – which we are) would be a great way to enjoy the sunshine, yet not cook in the sun.

We were right.

The Cabanas at Mountain Shadows are well shaded complete with fan and fridge.  The reserved space also comes with an option of Rosé or six pack of beer.  I’ll give you a clue, we opted for the one that rhymes with all day & yes, way!  And it comes with fresh fruit or bottled water.  Fruit is made of water but sweeter so we obvi. chose that one.

We spent the afternoon alternating between being in the water and snacking.  The fridge was perfect for storing the fruit between bites, and the ice bucket kept the rosé cool all day.

They also have a full service menu complete with cocktails, which you can order from until around 5.  We worked up an appetite lounging and ordered some the Hummus Bowl and Tortilla Chips con Queso (+ guac. + salsa). Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018Mountain Shadows is a brand-new, independent, boutique resort. It actually opened last spring but it will be fully completed at the end of 2018.  The last element to be built was the wing of resort condominiums and suites – just east of the pool (pictured below to the left of the image)
Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018 Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018
Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018 Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018
Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018 Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018
Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018The Mid-Century Modern design elements pair in perfect juxtaposition with the incredible views of Camelback Mountain peeking behind in the image above.Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018hola queso.
Mountain Shadows Staycation 2018We had such a great time, we thought we should share some of our favorite featured specials Mountain Shadows is offering this summer;

And when you go, make sure to tell them the bitches sent you. until next time, xoxo,


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