Gadzooks is now serving breakfast tacos.

and we couldn’t be happier about it.  We actually are a little embarrassed to admit we hadn’t been in before, as well one of the bitches’ husband makes the best enchiladas.  or he did until we tried these,  shhhh. don’t tell him we said that.  We had no idea they made the tortillas fresh,  like we said embarrassed.  but now you know better and can trust this was one of the best casual brunches we’ve ever had.

We were very excited when they invited us to come out and try their new breakfast items.  Here’s a look at what we tried…
Gadzooks Media PreviewGadzooks Media PreviewGadzooks Media PreviewGadzooks Media PreviewPumpkin cookies were amazing along with the cereal cookies on the bottom shelf.Gadzooks Media PreviewWe tried the veggie scramble, and it’s one of the few places where the mushrooms didn’t disrupt the meal with a funky texture or flavor, we approve.  Also the best part of Gadzooks in our opinion is the ability to choose the toppings of our choice, picked onions are always a yes, along with guacamole, and crema sauce.  Gadzooks Media Preview
If you haven’t been yet, go.  And if you have, go again. Gadzooks is also offering cold brew from local favorite, Press Coffee!

Gadzooks‘ breakfast is served 8-11 a.m. daily and has locations in Arcadia and Phoenix.

the bitches

p.s. our meal was free but our opinions can’t be bought!  This was an honest review, we never share or promote places we don’t love.

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