Booze Year Resolutions

January 2018 is over folks.  Which means if your something like 80% of the population making resolutions, you’ve probably already failed.

Which is actually great news and why we waited to share this post, we didn’t want to knock you off the wagon or anything (or is it on to the wagon?).  Anyway, we’ve spent some time thinking about our resolutions here at BFC and for us, we have no interest in losing 10 pounds or reading more, nope.  For us, we want more food and drinks.  So we made a list of some booze we’re excited to see more of in 2018 and some we already miss from 2017…Booze Year ResolutionsWe aren’t ready to let go of the Crown Royal Salted Caramel seasonal blend, we actually still have a secret stash somewhere we’re saving for the last few remaining cool nights before it’s Summer, I mean Spring, in Phoenix.  This drink is a mix of Crown Royal Salted Caramel and warm apple cider garnished with a fresh slice of apple and cinnamon stick for stirring.  Booze Year ResolutionsThe Ciroc French Vanilla is one of the newest Vodkas to the Bitches Food Club’s lips.  We simply mixed an organic Blood Orange Italian soda + French vanilla @ciroc garnished with Anise and Clove infused orange slice.  We love the look of the herbs dancing in a freshly mixed glass and cloves into orange slices is our latest party trick. Booze Year ResolutionsIf you still have any Peppermint Smirnoff left over from the holidays treat yourself to some iced hot chocolate.  We know the bottle is iconically candy cane but that doesn’t mean the peppermint freshness has to die with Christmas.  We love it year round. Booze Year ResolutionsBooze Year ResolutionsOkay!  And for those of us actually keeping up with our resolutions, with maybe a less sugary cocktail option, may we introduce the official mixer of choice here at Bitches Food Club; La Croix. This carbonated flavored water gives our favorite spirits a hint of flavor and bubbles for texture.  We thought the Blackberry Cucumber was the perfect combo with the French vanilla @ciroc. But, feel free to let us know if you find a better collaboration.

What cocktails and brands are you most excited to try in 2018?

We’re thinking we need a new tequila for margarita season and maybe some new wines for sangria.  Tell us your favorites!


the bitches.

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