Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee + (Open in Arcadia)

Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +Last week we were invited to check out Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee + in Arcadia. Donuts and coffee?! We could barely contain our excitement!  We RSVPed ASAP and woke up early to get there accidentally early, because early bird gets the worm donut. Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +We started with iced coffee and iced macchiato before choosing our donuts.
Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +We opted for the Monet and Van Gogh.  Monet with sea salt and caramel over icing and the Van Gogh with maple frosting topped with mini m&m’s and vanilla drizzle. Perfect for our mature palate and one for our inner child (and to share with the actual child we brought with us).  We might be bitches but we’re awesome moms, so whatever. Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +Speaking of kids, they have this amazing kid friendly back room with giant chalk board and coloring pages, as you can see, it’s highly entertaining.  They also have various artworks by students and artists on display which you can see more of on their Instagram.  If you’re an educator or an artist, you can submit an application here to get your artwork on the walls as well.Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +All of the donuts are named after famous artists, but don’t let that discourage you from creating your own masterpiece with the ingredients of your choice!
Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +It all starts with this conveyor belt of donuts fresh out of the oil, fried to perfection ready to be dipped and drilled with the flavors of your choice. Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee +In addition to the decadent donuts, Masterpiece also offers healthy bowls made with yogurt, fruit and granola.

So, next time you’re looking for custom donuts and some inspiration check out Masterpiece Donuts & Coffee + located at 3950 E. Indian School Road, Suite 120. in Phoenix.  Open Sunday- Saturday 6AM – 4PM.

Until next time,

Cheers Bitches.





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