Crujientes Seasonal Summer Menu!

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to cool over and enjoy some cerveza (or tequila) or looking for a refreshing summer meal, Crujientes has you covered…CrujientesWe were invited to sample a few new items and obviously we needed to tell you about them!CrujientesThe CRUlaboration beer is a fav.
CrujientesWe were also pleasantly surprised to love this golden tomato gazpacho soup, the secret is the hint of yogurt to create that velvet texture on the palate.  Garnished with Abby Lee Farms Grape Tomatoes. Crujientesand of course just look at these street tacos, we’re obsessed with anything blue corn and the middle beef short rib with the fermented mushrooms really intrigued us, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like mushrooms- like at all! and furthest back there is a thai shrimp taco that had summer vibes all about it!

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