Why We’re Raving over Roaring Fork!


Last week, I was invited to Roaring Fork with a few other wonderful food writers here in Phoenix to check out Roaring Fork (yaybabyblog, azfoodie and so many more).  Roaring Fork is an Arizona staple (although, they do have two locations in Austin, TX as well).  Their wood fired cooking is the signature essence of American cuisine and incorporates wonderful new Southwest flavors.  We were greeted with a frozen Huckleberry Margarita, with a strong pour of tequila (we appreciate that!) sweetened with the tart berries, it was so good we could drink three (ask us how we know).  Since this was a sampling of the menu, we were able to try a bit of each dish…785a3914This Medjool Date salad featured fitted dates and goat cheese, baby arugula and candied walnuts topped with fig.  It was a wonderful balance of balsamic and goat cheese, and the candied walnuts gave it the texture we crave in a salad.785a3911The house made fresh guacamole came with thick crispy corn tortilla chips, ideal for dipping because they don’t break on sturdy guac.785a3913But, the real star of the show was the Kettle of Green Chili Pork appetizer, served with hot buttered flour tortillas.  The pork melted in our mouths and topped with just spicy enough cheese we devoured this appetizer and we promise you will too.  Also, if you’re paying attention to kitchen trends, we’d like you to note the adorable mini cast iron kettle because cast iron all the things if you want to keep up with adorable presentation next time you make a home cooked meal.785a3924After our sampling of appetizers we were presented with Grilled Yellowtail Tacos.  We loved the corn and guacamole in the corn tortillas, but our favorite was the salsa verde inside!  This fish was just perfectly crispy and well seasoned, because who can complain when there’s avocado and corn all up and in your face?785a3927
Next up, was the Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with a side of peppercorn gravy, we never knew you could have such juicy chicken tucked in a crispy shell of seasoned heaven but we’re glad Roaring Fork changed our fried chicken standards forever, because especially after being slathered in gravy these crispy boneless bites were delicious.785a3929As Vegetarian friendly foodies, we also want to take moment to praise the Green Chili Macaroni and Cheese (again, note the skillet folks – we’re just trying to keep you in the loop) Anyway, this chili mac has a powerful robust flavor with just enough spicy heat to keep you coming back for another bite.  785a3933And obviously, you can’t have American cuisine without some steak, so here’s a look at their line up of steaks from closest to furthest; Filet, New York Strip Steak and Ribeye.  Their Ribeye is usually served bone in, however for us delicate foodies they’ve made all the efforts and cuts for us.  And for that we thank them, bones slow us down you guys.785a3936And finally, it would be a true sampling without dessert, look at each one of these adorable desserts! Clockwise; decadent fudge brownies, berries on top crème brûlée, cheesecake with the best crust we’ve ever tasted and truly American Pecan pie sprinkled with chocolate chips throughout.

If you’re in Scottsdale and looking for a night out we highly suggest Roaring Fork and did we mention they have Daily Happy Hour 4-7  (Sunday & Monday nights until 10pm) on their two patios, so go, enjoy this perfect weather and tell them the bitches sent you!





We did receive this meal complements of Roaring Fork, but we give our true opinions. We’re called the bitches for a reason. Honest to blog.


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