Game Day Fixin’s: A Fairly Lazy Guide

A party for the “big game” seemed like a good idea earlier in January when you made that Facebook invite at 2 am, but with less than a week until game day, the country collapsing upon itself, and like, so much TV to catch up on, you’re not super into the super…game.

Oh wait, the Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton are performing a musical number? Okay, I guess we can whip something up for guests. It’s the American thing to do. It’s what Angelica Schuyler would do. 

With that in mind, we have a few ideas for throwing together the seriously most last minute get together you never wanted but accidentally told everyone you would have.


Sandwich It

Image by Jennifer Lind Schutsky

Not sure what to serve? Here let us help you: Sandwiches

Want more? Add anything you can make in advance and serve room temperature, like a pasta salad.

This is not the time for a “sandwich cake” Pinterest nightmare much less a five-course meal. If you want five courses, stop reading this post, skip the game, and go to Crudo. Game day is about the basic human instinct to eat until we explode. Stick to  easy-to-grab foods with a ton of flavor.

Bowl You Over


Set out big bowls of snacks for guests like pretzels (chocolate covered or otherwise), tater-tots, hush puppies, fries, popcorn, candy, trail mix, potato chips or everyone’s personal favorite, Trader Joe’s Cheddar Corn Puffs. Even if your team loses you can’t be upset when you’re eating cheddar puffs and that’s a fact.

Breakfast for Dessert


Did you know that adding melted marshmallows and butter to any cereal turns it into an easy-to-eat dessert? It’s true.

Take that ¾ full box of Limited Edition Star Wars cereal you will never eat and you go ahead and just make the best cereal bars you’ve ever had in your life. Bonus: make them a day in advance so you have one less thing to stress over. They taste better the next day, anyway.

More Sandwiches


Give everyone a half-time activity and let them put together their own ice cream sandwich for dessert. Store bought cookies or brownies, vanilla ice cream, and optional toppings make this a fun and easy-to-assemble dessert for kids and adults alike. 

Last Resort: Go Big and Stay Home

Get food delivered from a favorite local restaurant or pick it up on game day. Why? Because you know what’s stressful? Life. Relax a little and let a professional do the hard work. Guests don’t have more fun at your party if you make everything. They actually don’t care as long as you have good food in large quantities. So make seven different variations of hummus if you want to, but your guests are fine if you order out.

If you’re in Phoenix, check out these places for deals on game day bites:


RA Sushi

Bobby Q Great Steak & Real BBQ


And Don’t Forget to:

• Buy Napkins

Lots of ’em.


• Drink Up


Buy beer. Lots of it. More than you think you need. And a bottle of wine (or two) for yourself. If you insist on having cocktails, pick ONE cocktail and make a ton of it. Pro tip: Don’t add ice to your cocktail when you make it. It’ll melt and water down. Add ice to the glass before you serve. Voila, perfect sip every time.

May the odds be ever in your favor, or whatever it is people say for game day.


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