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785a3826Hopdoddy Burger Bar opened their doors to Bitches Food Club last week and we came hungry (as is our wont). Hopdoddy serves handcrafted, made-to-order burgers for every type of burger lover. Bring your carnivore dad, your vegetarian sister, and that friend who’s gluten-free because Gwyneth Paltrow is gluten-free- Hopdoddy can cater to them, which makes this the perfect place for a quick, if slightly indulgent, family meal.


We started with the La Bandita Burger ($8), a black bean, beet, and corn burger patty topped with avocado, goat cheese, arugula, cilantro pesto, a chipotle mayo, onion, and tomato. The burger looks remarkably like meat and has a similar mouthfeel, but the umami punch is all veg, not beef, and the fresh corn in the burger gives little pops of sweetness to the chew. Together with the whole wheat bun, the bite is nutty, warm, and a great option for vegetarians looking for a hearty meal.


All orders are made fresh, with organic, locally sourced, and made-in-house ingredients. Even the burger rolls are made that day and if you decide to have a party at your house and crave a shiny, brioche roll to go with your own meat? Good news! You can grab a bag from Hopdoddy to elevate your @home meals as well. Just call ahead if you want your roll gluten-free. They only make a certain number for the day, so those are special order.

Our next taste is a bit more decadent: Truffle fries. Why oh why can’t truffle season last all year? Our fries were made with Kennebec potatoes (used specifically because they make such a crispy chip) and thoughtfully seasoned with sea salt and black truffle.


These fries weren’t too heavy or greasy and the slightly nutty flavor of the Kennebec made the chips almost seem healthy, but we know the truth. This, however, didn’t stop us from eating most of the generous portion.

We made up for it with their spinach and arugula salad ($9.50 + $5 for seared tuna). Beets and goat cheese were married together with arugula, granny smith apples, and snap peas by a light dressing of sherry cane vinaigrette that didn’t weigh down the salad. Studded with pecan, this salad had a crunch, tartness, and sweetness that went well with the added tuna. Even without the extra protein, the salad is big enough to read as a meal, but the fish was a good way to avoid burger envy.

For those who want to get down into some meat, Hopdoddy delivers. The Llano Poblano ($8.50) is an Angus beef burger with apple-smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, seared poblanos, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a smattering of chipotle mayo. Somehow this all fits onto a roll and we managed to stuff it into our mouths. And a little all over our faces. But is it really a burger if it doesn’t absolutely destroy your makeup?


With the option of turkey, chicken, bison, lamb, beef, tuna, and veg, you have your pick, so we also tried the more popular Continental Club, a turkey burger with apple-smoked bacon, basil pesto, and provolone on Hopdoddy’s gluten free roll.


If you’re concerned about how gluten-free can taste… you know, gluten-free, don’t worry when it comes to Hopdoddy. Their GF rolls are closer to biscuits but they’re still fluffy enough to be considered bread and sturdy enough to stand up to a juicy burger with all the fixins. Our Continental Club was big, bold, and cheesy, which we appreciate. The provolone was a nice touch, giving the burger just a bit of a zing that went well with the basil in the pesto (pesto is coming back, y’all!). We took half home (in a recyclable to-go box!) and we’re happy to say the roll reheated just fine in the toaster oven. If you do take your leftovers home and you don’t have a toaster oven, we suggest skipping the microwave (unless you’re into soggy yet dried out food) and reheating instead in a skillet.

But chances are you won’t have leftovers. So maybe don’t even worry about that.


For dessert, we grabbed a Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake. Burgers and shakes are a classic combo that deserves the unexpected Nutella update. This addictive shake was generous and way too easy to drink, so get one to share. Or don’t. We won’t tell you how to live your best life.


Hopdoddy has two Arizona locations.




Sun–Thurs 11am–9pm

Fri–Sat 11am–10pm

(480) 348-2337






Sun–Thurs 11am–9pm

Fri–Sat 11am–10pm

(602) 242-2337



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