Best Holiday Eats From the BFC

With the holidays quickly approaching, the bitches are getting a little sentimental… and hungry. Here are some of the things our members are looking forward to eating (and sipping!) the most.

how-to-serve-mulled-wineGretchen: My family took a Christmas trip to Germany a few years ago. It was then that I had my first experience drinking Gluhwein or mulled wine. We merrily sipped it while strolling through the quaint Christmas markets. This delicious mulled wine is served hot and has quickly become a favorite family holiday tradition!

unknownEmily: My family tends to celebrate more on Christmas Eve. We have a big Italian feast (this year complete with lobster). I’m attempting this year to make a tiramisu, and not to sound conceited, but I’m pretty excited to see how it will turn out. Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts. Like, I was 12 and wanted a tiramisu birthday cake. I mean what 12-year old didn’t want a birthday cake filled with coffee and rum? If all goes well this may become a weekly thing.

easy-latkes-recipeJenn: Even though I’m not Jewish, I love any holiday emphasizing fried foods (the oil is holy, you guys!), so this holiday season I’m most excited about Latkes served with Greek yogurt and applesauce, and maybe a side of jelly donuts.

20150218-ravioli-vicky-wasik-edit-9Macey: I have been counting down the days until Christmas because of two words. Homemade. Raviolis. Growing up we always had Italian family recipes like homemade pasta, wedding soup, and pizzelle cookies for the holidays but I have missed out on this tradition the past few years. My grinchy heart (and stomach) will be growing three sizes this year though because my grandma is cooking all my favorite family recipes. “With none of that gluten free crap.”


Happy holidays and good eatings from the BFC!


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