The Crepe Club, now open at the Biltmore.

kd9a9025Have you guys checked out the newest addition to Biltmore Fashion Park?  We love The Crepe Club, featuring true Parisian fare and all the nutella your heart could desire.  They also have iced lattes and fresh juices along with tea and desserts, but why waste your time reading all about it when pictures are worth a thousand words?  I mean just look at this decadent dining experience…kd9a9028kd9a9023kd9a9032kd9a9021kd9a9035kd9a9040kd9a9043kd9a9044kd9a9049kd9a9046 There is something for everyone quiche, croissants, espresso and obviously crepes.

Let us know what your favorite is there!


the bitches.

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