Rockin’ Taco Street Fest

Have you guys ever been to the Rockin’ Taco Street Fest in Chandler? we’ll we had a blast, take a look…

kd9a8469kd9a8472Salsa Competition!  We loved three and seven, definitely one of our favorite parts of the event.kd9a8474kd9a8475kd9a8476kd9a8478We love food trucks and taco trucks might be our favorite, but we did start with Frites st. to see how they integrated fries with the taco fest.kd9a8480Frites Street success.kd9a8482San Tan Brewing Tacos, great deal for so much food and the kids loved every bite.kd9a8485Foodies in Training.kd9a8488 Margarita and Beers, but don’t forget drink tickets needed to be purchased separately, so make sure to bring cash (or atm card to withdraw on site).  kd9a8491As you can see we loved our beverage selection.kd9a8494Urban Farmer Taco from International Truck TACOS, a bit of a wait, but worth it.  One of the few trucks with a vegetarian taco selection.kd9a8495kd9a8496kd9a8498And samples of lemonde and water to keep us going. Thanks Hubert’s and Essentia!

Check it our next year, bitches!  And follow along at @RockinTacoAZ for more info.


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