Favorite Eats in Barcelona, Spain


After a quick trip over the Atlantic Ocean to visit one of our favorite Bitches, Brittany (in Switzerland), we thought we should share our favorite eats in our favorite cities.  And without getting too wordy in out intro I’ll let the photos do the talking, here’s a few favorite eats we found in Barcelona, Spain…

kd9a45631. Petit a Petit is a small cafe, near the apartment we stayed at.  We loved the simple space with room for kids to play.  The small cafe has beautiful open windows and natural light.  They serve Sandwiches, pastries and juices along with their coffee (or café) selections.  Here is my café con leche and a carrot juice on the right for the kids.

kd9a45832. El Café d’en Victor  This is usually our first stop in Spain! Paella forever.  This is the traditional with seafood, although some of us are fans of just a good vegetarian Paella.  You can get either here.  Along with Paella and Sangria, they serve traditional tapas.  A few favorites are papas bravas a spicy potato dish, Spanish tortilla – an omelet with potatoes, not a Mexican tortilla and more seafood selections than you know what to do with, because hello, the Mediterranean is walking distance!

kd9a45993. Gelataria near Billbao Berria.  After dinner we walked though the Gothic Quarter and there is a tiny gelato shop there, unfortunately after we left I couldn’t find the name, but it’s been there for years and it’s perfect for walking around in the evening, after dinner and exploring the city.  Can’t you tell from my kids face!

kd9a50154. La Donuteria.  We’re not trying to be basic bitches here, but donuts are the bomb dot com.  Legit, we love them and we love artisan donuts even more.  These handmade daily donuts are amazing.  They feature European eclectic flavors in American donuts form and we can’t rave about them enough.  Be careful though, they’re super sweet, we hope you didn’t forget to pack your toothbrush.

kd9a48725. Bar Piranya.  This tiny hole in the wall Bar is perfect for a quick snack before or after Park Guell.  This is the bar area facing right into the kitchen it’s a small space with some tables in the dining area.  But, we love the intimate comradery with the servers at the bar, so we usually opt to sit there.  They like to make fun of American Tourists who are rude or demanding so it’s pretty entreating, because *shocking* there are a lot of assholes in the world.  Although, Husband did forget what a liter was and accidentally ordered a liter of beer, and while they causally mocked him they weren’t rude and even drank a glass of beer with him.  And don’t worry he drank all of it.   We suggest the tapas here but they also have sandwiches!

happy-pills6.  Happy Pills.  If you love candy this hallway of a candy shop is perfect.  We think the marketing is just adorable and who doesn’t need some happy pills in their life?  This shop is in the Gothic Quarter area and one of our favorite stops.  There are lots of hard candies and gummy types, most are bite size to fit in the little “pill bottles.” These make the perfect souvenir or gift and are carry on friendly.

kd9a47917. Mojitos from the Parc de la Ciutadella.  We didn’t realize how popular mojitos are here until this past trip.  This was also our first time at the gorgeous Parc de la Citadella, which I highly suggest entering at the Arc de Trimof (but not eating at the cafe across the street-the food was gross) and then walking though the park all the way to the opposite end near the entrance of the zoo (which we didn’t go to) and ordering a mojito and enjoying it in the grass, because this was probably one of our single most favorite memories from this trip.

kd9a46938. Paco Meralgo.  This single scallop served in shell makes us miss Barcelona every time we look at it.  It was the best thing I ate the entire trip and we had to share it.  But it was something we’ll be back for I’m sure.  The small restaurant/bar had a kitchen window, perfect for spying on Spanish Chefs and seeing how they make amazing dishes.  The service here was also impeccable and they brought fresh squeezed orange juice for the kids and even offered them lollipops after our desserts.


For more info about our travels you can follow along with my personal blog hawks & honey;  here or on instagram @jenniferlindschutsky


Happy food travels, bitches!



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