Our Favorites from Devoured Culinary Classic Weekend

KD9A0175First stop of the weekend was the VIP lounge where Bartending Competition winner Robert Porter from the Thirsty Camel Lounge was serving his award winning drink; a cocktail composed of apple, cinnamon, cayenne, red bell pepper, gin with almond syrup, and lemon. The sweet + spicy sip was paired with a bite of apple cinnamon chip that tastes super sweet after a sip of the peppery drink. The subtle sweetness of the bell pepper note was balanced by the cinnamon and cayenne bite making this sip warm and inviting.KD9A0178KD9A0184Once back downstairs, I tried out Match, with their Wood Grilled Koran BBQ.KD9A0186And from North Italia; Asparagus toast and Espresso Budino Desserts.KD9A0189KD9A0203After a few more samples we made our way over to Bootleggers with their Boot Dumplings featuring a pork belly {probably one of the most popular menu items of the weekend BTWs} and shrimp dumping with a spicy and sweet mango chipotle dipping sauce.KD9A0200These didn’t last long, might have been my fault since I went back for seconds but the crispy wanton of the dumpling just could not be resisted, and I don’t even like pork.KD9A0207KD9A0204Joyride Taco House going strong this year with a pulled pork empanada with Crema Mousse Chimichurri and cola pop rocks.  KD9A0206And another amazing drink this year, their ‘slide ride margarita’  not quite as amazing as their margarita last year, but more fruity and definitely smooth.KD9A0209The Clever Koi’s Teriyaki Short Rib with fermented apple and daikon over a miso celery root puree {now on my diy list for dinner this week, because it was that good} along with a pinnapple sipping vinegar {sans alcohol}.KD9A0213Another delicious cocktail from the Upward family from Windsor; a Rye, Frangelio, Thai Curry Syrup and Orange Bitters.KD9A0215And Ice Cream from Churn!  KD9A0218Their Toffee Drumstick filled with fudge, coffee ice cream, and rolled in toffee did not disappoint.KD9A0198Favorite drink of the day was definitely this blood orange cardamom old skool wine cooler from Federal.KD9A0220And probably the BEST cornbread I’ve ever had from Switch served warm with mustard jalapeno Dijon sauce poured over shrimp and said bread and sprinkled with sesame seeds.KD9A0229KD9A0245Day two started off with donuts and monte cristo inspired beignets with berry drizzle from Short leash hot dogs.KD9A0250Root beer floats for breakfast with Not Your Father’s Rootbeer {with alcohol} from Rollover Donuts.KD9A0251KD9A0254KD9A0255And more dessert from Quiessence at The Farm at South Mountain.KD9A0256An epic appetizer from quiessence; peach relish, pistachip, mangalitsa lardo, black mesa ranch feta topped with aged balsamic, and basil.KD9A0259Found this adorable guy hanging out with the wine.KD9A0263More root beer floats this time with burgers from Relish at the Phoenician. KD9A0267Beckette’s Table with the prettiest display, rolled cones of both asparagus salad and short rib bbq.  KD9A0273One of my favorite restaurants with the most original display Okra serving Pork and Hollandaise sauce and a tomato salad with their decadent chicken skins, perfect crunchy texture paired with ripe tomatoes.KD9A0274Tomato Salad; Okra.KD9A0279Hana’s Japanese Eatery with a full tour of Japan.KD9A0280KD9A0287KD9A0296KD9A0304Inside desserts from Urban Cookies Bakeshop.   This Irish cream cupcake was my favorite of the desserts.KD9A0313KD9A0318Carrot cake from local carrots at Phoenix Public Market was another dessert favorite.KD9A0319Hula’s Modern Tiki was one of the FEW places serving mixed drinks this Vodka, Rum, Pineapple, Cononut, Banana cocktail was delicious but very sweet.KD9A0326Seared Scallop from House of Tricks.KD9A0327The best servingwear and perfect mini tortilla, phenomenal food every year, would we expect anything less from Kai?KD9A0330And let’s not forget gelato from Tazzina di Gelato. I know my kids won’t.


Were you able to attend? What were your favorites from the weekend? What are your local favorite restaurants in town? were they at Devour?


Thanks for reading along, we’re already looking forward to next year!  And if you’re interested, don’t forget tickets go on sale right around Christmas and usually sell out in a day or two.



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