Arizona Beer Week Preview

azbeerweekLast night the bitches {and their boys} went to O.H.S.O. Brewery to get a sneak peek at some brews for Arizona Beer Week!  We tried four different beers and an assortment of their flat bread pizzas and appetizers.  You know is a good foodie event when the Husband doesn’t complain about proportions or selections!
KD9A9143 Of course our first stop was the beer table where O.H.S.O. provided Handlebar Hefeweizen, Faux Real IPA, O.H.S.O. Hoppy and my personal favorite from the night the O.H.S.O. Milk Stout.KD9A9149 The flat bread pizza was amazing. perfect thin crisp crust and the basil margarita was a perfect touch of sweet.KD9A9161.croppedjpgI’d never actually been to O.H.S.O. before but it’s a pretty cool brewery and they had the barrels out and you could smell the hops and beer production right when you walked in.KD9A9164KD9A9160croppedKD9A9170I ordered the Arcadia Veggie Burger and added cheese when I thought I was still hungry. Turns out the appetizers were enough, and I ended bringing most of this home for lunch.KD9A9171 Gretchen ordered the kale salad which also looked full and flavorful.KD9A9173KD9A9159Thanks to Paige here, who gifted us all VIP wrist bands for the whole week, check out the list of discounts you can get if you pick one up at Frys.KD9A9175Don’t worry, we didn’t let a single drop go to waste. Thanks again for hosting such a delicious event AZ Foodie + O.H.S.O.  BreweryKD9A9176

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