Getting Excited for Palette to Palate 2016

Palette to Palate 2015. Photography by Jennifer Lind Schutsky 

Have you guys seen the announcement for this year’s Palette to Palate?! It’s one of our, but especially Jenn’s, favorite events from the Devour experience as it combines her love of Food + Art on the rooftop of the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Phoenix.

Artist Taylor Jensen creates artwork, live, while guest dine on complementing pairings.  Photography by Jennifer Lind Schutsky 
Palette to Palate 2015. Photography by Jennifer Lind Schutsky

This year Palette to Palate  will be at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel on Thursday, March 3, at 6:00 p.m. Palette to Palate pairs chefs and painters, allowing them to collaborate and inspire each other’s work. PtoP is a completely unique experience that gives you full access into the worlds of two totally different art forms. Although, sometimes at P2P, the two combine. Last year there was live painting using beet juice on a tablecloth. Performance art at its finest (because we love anything edible around here, and also this was way better than the performance art we had to sit through politely when our artists friends had shows in college. Oh, and also there was wine.).

Palette to Palate 2015.  Photography by Jennifer Lind Schutsky

This year the pairings are as follows…




arizona wilderness

Tickets are only $40 each and available at Attendees can purchase a combined tickets package to attend both the Devour Phoenix Bartending Competition and Palette to Palate for $60.

See you there!

all images found via google images unless noted otherwise.

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