Devoured Bartending Competition VOTE!

Devour Bartending Competition is coming up in March and Friday January 29th is the last day to vote!
My vote for Bartender was not an easy choice I’m down to Zach Smith of Welcome Diner or Mitchell Lyons from Rum Bar at The Breadfruit. I think I’m going to go with rum bar because their drinks are so authentic and they really bring you to the island, like I actually want to go to Jamaica when I taste their drinks. But you can vote for one bartender per day so you can rotate votes for your favorite. I’m probably going to rotate between these two each day for voting!
Macey agrees,  “I was between welcome diner & breadfruit also. But I second the vote for breadfruit because they make cocktails that you wouldn’t see on a traditional drink menu and because they are created to pair perfectly with their food menu” and she adds, “I’m voting for welcome diner tomorrow because you know I appreciate a classic southern cocktail. I like that they keep it simple and authentic with fresh ingredients and house made mixers. And their whiskey sour is my favorite”
and I could agree more because, I love that they use real cherries not shitty dyed maraschino ones at Welcome club 2
Titus Fauntleroy: St. Francis
Brian Goodwin: The Gladly
Gretchen contemplates as well, “You guys. This is really hard. There are so many good ones…. I’m going to choose Andrew Gilchrist from Hula’s Modern Tiki, because the Tropical Itch transports me straight to Kauai! It was my first postpartum cocktail and worth the long wait!”
“My second choice is definitely [Rob Moore:] Windsor.”
If you haven’t already you can vote here. Just be sure to tell us why in the comments! We love to read about your experiences at local restaurants almost as much as we love food!

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